The Business Model of Construction

We have a new company version for construction contracting. As it is brand-new it is an adjustment. We have actually seen several adjustments over our occupations, some favorable as well as some not so. More change is certain ahead just as fatality and tax obligations. The building business is not an idle location.

We are privileged not to be in the modern technology business. According to Karl Fisch, what a pupil finds out in university in very first year of an advanced degree program will quickly be obsoleted. He states that 50 % of the learned understanding will certainly transform by his/her elderly year. We can be certain that will not hold true in our physicals company.

Significant patterns of managing a business have actually surfaced. Numerous astute experts have commented and written on the correct technique to business. All of it is well suggesting. Nonetheless, several of it is lost in our unique business. Those that tout development are wrong from majority of our sector. Others who think networking and cold calling are the method locate great customers do not know our market.

Those that believe technology is the path to a great construction business have neglected our variable expense nature. Let me supply my belief. I think it is certified as I have been in this market all of my adult life as well as part of my teenager years. As I have actually been working with building companies since 1994 as an administration expert.

The very first guideline of this company in this brand-new millennium is to make every effort towards the having firm owner’s objectives. As an example, some proprietors wish to just provide a living on their own. Others desire a huge business that will construct severe riches. Each is appropriate.

As development threatens in our business it is the only way to generate huge earnings dollars on an 3 % typical net income gross. Keeping a business tiny permits the owner to have choices, not the least of which is family and also seeking their individual desires. There are lots of various other needs to possess a building firm.

The factor is that the answer is not singular. There is no incorrect, just choices encouraged by objectives and also needs. For more information on this crucial subject, purchase a duplicate of my McGowan-Hill publication, Taking care of a Construction Company on Simply 24 Hr a Day. We offer a bundle with Excel templates that are showcased in the book and also 5 on-line training courses to aid educate construction business concepts.

Our workbook friend with 10 case studies for Managing a Building Firm on Just 24 Hr a Day is now offered. This message is focused as an assist for Colleges, Associations as well as other finding out institutions that educate the business of construction.

My next publication, The New Business Vehicle of Construction Getting is prepared for December 2007. It concentrate concerns the transforming construction environment as well as exactly what procedures attend to those adjustments. Big A  is among the best building companies construction.

Business Success Tips For any Business



There is no well-defined success formula for prospering in business. If there was one, we would never listen to stories of company failure. However if we take a peep right into the record of all effective enterprise, we will certainly locate close resemblances in their methods of operation in the first years.

There are certain actions that these companies have actually followed. These initial approaches played a vital duty in their success. Right here are couple of actions that lots of effective entrepreneurs have utilized to do well in business.

Establish a desire to escape from the crowd. You need to have the guts making usage of your idea. A desire, and also an unintelligible wish to accomplish that dream, are the two fundamental elements needed to be successful in business.

Hold your horses. No tree gives fruit over night. For the fruit to appear, the tree needs to undergo a number of phases. Comparable is the success in any kind of company endeavor. You need to hold your horses to gain the fruits of your work. You have to maintain your effort through the lean phase. You have to be stable and also concentrated.

Be versatile. A fantastic idea alone will certainly not make sure success in business. You have to learn how to adapt your suggestion to the present day needs. Your idea ought to reach optimum customers effortlessly. In the initial years, consumers will certainly not come to you. You need to take your service or product to the customer.

Be prepared to answer any sort of concerns from the client i.e. “Just what is there in your product or service that people do not have?” If you have a strong solution to this concern, you are right on the right track.

Realize that business involves a particular quantity of threat. So, you must be prepared to deal with the threat. You need to have some sponsorship to seek to when points go wrong. Never invest your entire ton of money in a new company. Look into all possible economic options. It is additionally wise to take the guidance of professionals in economic issues.

All you need to know to start a business in Dubai

The Dubai federal government provides various sorts of company versions to be selected from by international financiers, such as direct sale, office firm setups, branch or depictive workplace, restricted obligation firm and also unique complimentary area financial investment.

Right here are the 3 points you should understand before beginning a company in DubaI

The legislation calls for that you have a neighborhood companion that holds the bulk passion and also could consequently manage the business, that includes shutting it if needed. The companion might possess 51 % of the business, as a result having the ability to call all the tries concerning it. Be it a business or a specific, the regional companion does not should add to the start-up financial investment or take part economically whatsoever. Similar to self-employment, there are numerous manner ins that a companion can be recompensed. The regional companion demand is presently under testimonial in some states, nonetheless, in order to motivate international financial investment.

Think about that if you intend to have 100 % of your business and also do not wish to have a neighborhood companion, the only opportunity is to begin a company in the Free Area. If your company calls for to be near the city, it might possibly go broke rapidly in the Free Area as it is a much away area. In addition, rental prices in the Free Area are probably to be more than routine rental costs within the city.


When business is signed up, you have to reveal the Ministry of Trade that you have a considerable amount of cash to spend. The needed amount ranges the states (it’s in between $10,000/ ₤ 6,500 as well as $50,000/ ₤ 33,500 in many cases) as well as is considereded an assurance versus responsibilities, although you could take out the cash quickly later on!

An option to beginning a brand-new company is to acquire a going issue, which is a much more simple procedure, as it does not entail accommodations resources, acquiring support or enrollment; all you need to do is concur a cost as well as move the possession of business.

Do not allow these cautions place you off. All isn’t ruined as well as grief, and also many individuals have established effective, extremely successful companies in Dubai. New procedures are urged by the authorities and also your regional companion may be readily encouraging (or he could be a serious responsibility, so see to it you do your research study and also select sensibly). Export, as well as production markets, are specifically highly assisted by the federal government, specifically as relates to the purchase of arriving at which to create a manufacturing plant. If you establish such a company in an open market area, which there are some in the area, it’s provided exceptions from import and also export tasks, business tax obligations, structure and also home permit charges, land tax and also constraints on the transfer of resources purchased the area.
You need to have a great expertise of the area. Be prepared to carry out comprehensive research study right into business industry you intend to run within. You should have a practical company arrange, that includes a research of the marketplace problems, the competitors and also your projection outcomes. You should be prepared to locate the needed financial investment from your personal sources or via your financial institution and also ideally by various other methods compared to using in your area, especially if you’re brand-new to the area as well as without a performance history. A legitimate arrange could entice neighborhood assistance, perhaps federal government assistance.

To begin your company, you should know that the procedure is complicated as well as economically high-risk, implying that neighborhood expertise is vital. You should additionally speak with a great attorney from the start. A skilled legal representative might lead you with the enrollment intricacies as well as his aid might be important in safeguarding your passions. This uses whether you’re opening a small store or a significant organization. As holds true around the globe, there are informal companies running in the area, yet if anything fails or you’re duped, you have no lawful option whatsoever.

How can a startup bussiness benefit from a seo service provider

An SEO service provider utilizes the practice of search engine optimization to increase the amount of visitors to a Web site by obtaining high-ranking placements in the search results page of search engines (SERP). Typically, a business or startup  will hire a service provider to improve its organic Google search result listings.

SEO services help to ensure that a site is accessible to a search engine and improves the chances that the site will be found and ranked highly by the search engine.The SEO service Johannesburg providers offer a wide range of packages and options for search engine optimization, ranging from one-time fees for smaller sites to monthly subscriptions for ongoing SEO efforts and support

Video SEO is used to describe optimizing video content for search engine traffic. The goal when working with video SEO is to have your video content appear in video search engines as well as in the organic search results for major search engines-with traffic being directed to yoursite and not to your video hosting provider.

A Business enterprise Credit score Card Is Essential you are functioning a organization out of your house, then there are a lot of facts that you require to continue to keep in head. You must in all probability be reading up on as a lot info that you can get a hold of on obtaining a enterprise at residence. 1 of the most vital pieces of functioning a bussiness from dwelling that you definitely want to know from the begin is to get a enterprise credit rating card to use for almost everything linked to your enterprise.

Sad to say, as a company guide, I have talked with far as well several company owners that occur to me following failing at jogging a household based mostly small business. Why? Properly, there are a huge variety of factors why people would are unsuccessful at possessing and operating a household organization, but the astonishing range just ne cause I discovered for failure was very poor management of funds. Considerably way too numerous persons do not invest into a small business credit card when they 1st start off, and that is a extremely unsafe matter to do.

I imagined that the worth of having a company credit card was clear, but probably it is not. A business credit history card in the long run enables the house centered business enterprise owner to have the freedom to keep their individual finances and their company finances different. This is vital through the yr and obviously when it will come to tax year as perfectly. There is no cause why the finances of a household must be blended up with the funds of a organization. Trying to keep the two accounts as independent as attainable is very good in the lo

There are many strategies to use for a organization credit score card, but you may perhaps want to converse with a small business specialist just before you make a selection on a card. There are numerous organization credit history card delivers flying all-around and it would make it tough to know what is up and what is down when you are sorting as a result of the offers without a superior just take on what to search for. So make a meeting with a company specialist or chat with a mate who is enterprise savy prior to making any decisions about a business credit score card.

The bottom line for home based mostly small business owners is that they need to have to glimpse for means to independent their business even while it is finished in the household. This will be impossible without the use of a organization credit card. So apply for a person right now and see what a variance it will make to the business and achievement of your organization.

The Business Side To a Training Facility


martial arts schoolBeing a great martial musician is seldom synonymous with company acumen. Martial arts schools deal with overwhelming challenges, the biggest of which is the essentials of understanding the best ways to run the business side of the school properly.

Once, college district managers were limited to school board members, superintendents, and principals. Currently, most institution districts’ administrative lineups list managers of business as well as workers with supervisors of curriculum, guidelines and student solutions.

Nowadays of rising institution costs, a lot of taxpayers are questioning just what all these managers do. Today and following, Next-door neighbors will look at the responsibilities of different administrators, starting today with employees and business manager.

Making a mixed martial arts training classes for kids business entails a whole host of matters from how you can address a telephone call, to marketing, to student retention and also price for lessons– each action a vital aspect that builds toward success.

So, if you are simply longing for opening up a fighting styles college, or have an institution but are having problem making it rewarding, or have a profitable school with want to optimize its operations, “Starting And also Running Your very own Martial Arts School” can be of useful support.

The authors made this book common, which allows it to be useful to a wide range of martial arts institutions. The vagaries of the business side of chain schools, different martial arts companies, and designs with a headmaster are just too complicated as well as different to be able to attend to.

This visitor particularly such as the means the writers provided a broad introduction of a variety of business subjects without getting as well through. This publication capably covers such subjects as: setting up a remarkable identity for the college, developing an efficient advertising workshop, funding to get started, fundamental business, picking a location to generate pupils, establishing realistic pupil charge timetables, contracts, employing as well as developing good employees.

Creating an effective advertising and marketing program, how you can handle telephone calls, walk in pupils and also techniques of closing, tracking students with finance, pupil retention, selling attires and various other fighting styles items in property, in addition to problem addressing.

Undoubtedly several visitors will benefit by just how the writers break down as well as go over numerous parts of a subject. In chapters 8 with 9, as an example, marketing is broken down. The advantages and disadvantages, crucial elements, prices, preparation as well as various other essentials of mass marketing with direct advertising are discussed and also contrasted.

This conversation will certainly clear up the topic for visitors that do not have an extensive business background. Readers will be informed in a variety of essentials, learn the alternatives, alternatives in addition to possible mistakes. You must also look for the best diesel generators for sale for you business so as to avoid any electricity problems.

Thinking of a great idea isn’t really a static procedure; it includes a bunch of experimentation. The best means I’ve located to produce ideas is to write and create commonly. Make lists daily of points that you may take pleasure in, and also try to identify just how you could earn money doing them. So that right here’s a list of 50 company ideas you could begin creating as you continue plugging away.


I have been interviewing applicants for work for years currently. I made use of to be tricked by a specific kind of candidate that offered incredibly well at the interview. However a few months after working with the candidate, points did not go as well as we had actually hoped.

With my encounters in mind as well as understanding that many of you are running your colleges with extremely tiny teams and also knowing that you do not do many educator job interviews in any given year, let’s examination of a number of basic ways which will safeguard you from employing an instructor who is not an excellent fit.

Each of these concepts is very easy to start, and also most can be done as a single proprietorship at first (significance you don’t have to submit any lawful documentation to get begun, though you will certainly wish to do that if it begins to take off). A lot of these can be done in your home in your leisure, within your extra space, too.

See if there are any type of concepts here that match you well. If you discover an idea you such as, do a bit of research or seek out an overview on how to get started because area.

Business Website Indian Studies

best marketing strategies

The web has become an indispensable channel for the development of your business organization. Be it advertising and model marketing acquisition or new marketplace penetration, you have to have a company web page for your solutions. Web page enhancement firms in India are in a better desire since of numerous rewards.These internet structure organizations, India present highest on the web presence with a functional and rewarding e-answer.

In India, lots of net internet marketing corporations are situated in Delhi. These providers offer a finish resolution from documentation, presentation, abundant material to safety and Interactive Consumer Interfaces. Website growth businesses Delhi have specialists to perform in flash primarily based instruments to initiate dynamic products and solutions, XML, Cleaning Soap, WSDL Java, J2EE and customer-server systems.

They are continually introducing the latest to cope with ongoing on the web adjustments. Beside developing and building fantastic internet sites, there is also an improved demand for Indian Search engine optimization businesses. Website advertising corporations, Delhi are engaged in giving entire world-class services to each form of businesses.

Indian Web optimization companies supply economical & moral Web optimization operations. Custom made Search engine marketing providers, Search engine optimization Advisor Solutions, Web-site Marketing, Look for Motor Placement in Google and another main look for engines & directories. IT revolution has proved that with the suitable awareness and resources, you can make a productive, attractive web page but if it has received no visibility, it loses all great importance.


Skilled Web optimization specialists in Search engine marketing providers, Delhi try to make your web-site get the greatest visibility and enable you to take the Earth Vast World wide web by storm. An SEO services company in Johannesburg that has its head office in  Delhi also facilitates (SEM). Lookup engine promoting products and services Delhi is crucial for increasing the ranking of the site as SEM is employed to increase the website traffic outcome.

Indian Seo businesses have proficient pros who continuously look for approaches to improving rankings which include Video clip look for marketing. Presently, Indian current market controls just about ninety% of World wide web Solutions outsourcing small business. There are lots of recognizable advantages to this.

The world wide web improvement organization, India delivers technologically advanced net options to purchasers internationally at the bare minimum expense and optimal time frame. These Indian Internet structure firms also look immediately after back again close support specifications of the consumers through outsourcing methodology.

Furnishing maintenance and an ongoing assist to improve the needs of the enterprises is a big reward you can get from an Indian world wide web marketing and advertising firm. India has an extensive resource of talented, qualified world-wide-web progress staff who provide a top high-quality company.

Another gain is of language. Most Indians are proficient in the English language. It makes Indian net enhancement corporations effortless to interact with international customers and also saves time in detailing particulars of their prerequisite.

One particular far more stage to notice is that Indian government has been very supportive of this. It appreciates and encourages the IT probable of the state and has begun quite a few packages to encourage it. Promotion of IT business has contributed to the betterment of Indian economic system also.

Business Analysis on Almost everything You Have to Know About Purchasing A Household

The great information in the serious estate marketplace is that there are thousands upon countless numbers of inexpensive qualities out there. The bad information is that they’re very tough to find if you do not know where by to glimpse.


In this short article, you will discover some great ideas about getting affordable, good quality actual estate. You are purchasing your very first house there is an insurance plan called Non-public Home loan Insurance policies.

This protects the lender in circumstance you don’t make your loan payments. Handle your investments like a business enterprise. As a trader, it is never an excellent plan to buy a property that you are spending for out of your individual pocket.

The function of the home is to revenue, not price tag you dollars. Come to be comfortable with this philosophy if you want to be an effective trader.  You may perhaps require covering the down payment on your initially assets out of pocket. Even so, if you are paying for rental assets you should plan to have you are every month rents go over the fees that you incur as an outcome of the buy.


This is clever investing, and it will produce a important money circulation in the extensive run. Fulfill with a lender prior to seeking at residences. Check with about the available loan selections so you will get a thought of how a lot of dollars out of pocket you will need for closing costs, down payments, and any other fees.

property managing agents


You may locate your self-stunned at the quantity of cash that you may possibly be ready to pay for owing to the lower interest fees. Establish connections with real estate buyers. If you are brand new to the investing world, befriend a several professional real estate traders.

Having connections to these folks can assistance you master the tips of the trade, and also may perhaps give you a couple of strategies on where by to go to purchase the very best deals? A majority of the rental property management firms and company names are taking over the market place.

As the govt is subsidizing your home obtain, shopping for a house not only offers to house to you and your loved ones, but it has tax strengths far too. All of the home taxes and home loan curiosity you pay back on the assets can be deducted from your gross profits, which may well drastically lower your taxable revenue.

While wonderful attributes may well be a tiny challenging to find, it really is far from not possible to find the ideal promotions on the most significant qualities. By making use of the posting higher than to enable you out on your authentic estate search, you can understand to place the proverbial diamonds in the rough and make the right possibilities.

To give or not give Business Gifts


Providing presents to customers or business partners can be an awkward encounter if you do not know the etiquette behind it.

So before you begin purchasing your following round of gifts for customers, colleagues or staff members, consider the adhering to business present offering manners pointers. It’s constantly nice, whenever feasible, to personalize each gift to every recipient. Your clients and  coworkers want to know that you cherish them.

So giving a thing that is specifically lined up with their interests can mean greater than a common token or promotional product from your company. Of course, there are exemptions. As an example, if you can afford it, a lot of employees would be happy with cash rewards in lieu of a physical present.

And also if you have many customers that you can not perhaps buy for each one independently, choose a little however useful thing or perhaps a present card. Do not merely send affordable advertising items or ones that are as well particular to profit each client, however.

Deciding on a budget for your vacation gifts, or various other gift-giving events throughout the year will mostly relate to your personal company’s finances. Even if you cannot afford considerably, a tiny token or perhaps handwritten cards will certainly let individuals understand you’re considering them.

However, the big blunder to prevent is investing too much on gifts. Particular sorts of provider have limits for the kinds of presents they could receive. And some are not permitted to accept gifts at all.

Postal workers, for instance, aren’t allowed to allow gifts worth greater than $20. So do some study, or even ask your service providers, prior to providing gifts to avoid an awkward situation. Don’t just presume that all of your customers or colleagues commemorate Christmas. Offering a vacation present to a person that cannot approve it as a result of their ideas can make both you and also them awkward.

To avoid this, you could simply ask if they celebrate Christmas, without getting into specifics concerning their spiritual inclinations. Be sensitive to each person’s faith or beliefs. If a person doesn’t celebrate Xmas and also would be unpleasant getting a gift, you can show your recognition in various other means.

Send out a tiny token after they finish a huge project or provide an end-of-the-year bonus offer or token for them. A crucial point to think about when regifting is whether or not you will harm any kind of sensations. You can for instance buy Swarovski crystal figurines and cufflinks, for sure swarovski elements will be a memorable gift.

If the person who initially brought you the present would certainly be most likely to discover that you passed along their purchase, it might hurt both them and also the recipient. Also, clients within a specific market or team could chat with one another.

A kind action meant with the very best of intentions, could turn adverse if an individual feels slighted. You don’t want anybody to really feel less important.

Customer Care Service is Essential in Every Business

Cafe latte

Consumers are significantly seeking greater service than simply the cheapest price– they are seeking worth for money and also, despite rising costs, publicans must locate economical ways to include this value.

One of one of the most affordable methods to include worth to an experience in the hospitality arena is via remarkable customer service. Historically, this has actually been seen as a way to manage a client when something has failed or merely offering the consumer in a transnational manner.

Today this nod at client service no more is enough; publicans should go an action even more as well as increase customer support to customer experience, placing the concentrate on developing as well as delivering an experience that customers wish to revisit time and again.

The term ‘work with the smile’ has never ever been more appropriate than for those in the pub sector. Skills can be trained yet personality could not– a bottom line for companies to consider when hiring.

Having performed in excess of 250,000 customer-experience check outs as a ‘secret consumer’, Retail Eyes understands that the most significant effect on a client’s encounter is staff.

Personal engagement is, therefore, vital to just what customers experience, as well as the state, about a bar. Likewise essential is that personnel are properly educated so that they are transparent about the kind of experience the location intends to offer.


Today’s mystery consumers operate on a various degree where comments are utilized as a positive device to improve client encounter rather than potentially adverse objection

that is most likely to lower recipients’ confidence and will certainly not assist their job efficiency. You might really feel that comments are not required. Nonetheless, whether

you like it or otherwise, the amazingly rapid growth of the social media forest– via the similarity Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube– has not just made it possible for consumers to air their thoughts and point of views much faster however also reach bigger readers compared to ever.

Issues happen in all companies, however, pleasant as well as approachable personnel can quickly nip any sort of customer experience problems in the bud and aid stop any sort of adverse discussions.

Consumers actually appreciate it when companies make the effort to address their specific troubles and also such activities could actually help turn exactly what could possibly have been a poor tale right into a favorable one.

Any sort of business that is serious about its customer proposal have to have a thirst for feedback and proactively seek this out on a continual basis. These companies will take

on all-inclusive consumer encounter programs that will include continuous customer contentment surveys (online, SMS or Interactive Voice Response (IVR)), aesthetic merchandising as well as area audits, and staff interaction surveys.

Together, these will certainly determine exactly what will certainly improve client encounter, boost customer retention, drive advocacy and ultimately enhance sales and also earnings.

Baristas make a career of creating delicious coffee beverages for consumers using best famous instant coffee brands. The Counter Society Accredited Barista Program focuses specifically on cappuccino education and learning and also preparation.

The individual who accomplishes this qualification has participated in courses in cappuccino and milk scientific research, has passed a created examination on the training course content,

and also has performed efficiently in a dry run before a panel of three expert preference and technological courts. The Certified Barista has, as a result, demonstrated their knowledge of coffee planning as well as their capability to prepare drinks to exacting requirements in an evaluation environment; comprehends the classic espresso menu, and is well certified to produce and also serve top quality cappuccino drinks in a coffee shop.


Burning Issues
September 2010 Nationalisation Workshop
View invitationThe SAMDA Annual General Meeting
taking place on the 28th September 2010

Mining for Change
Masakhe Communications is organizing a high level conference in early September
(a road map to development And sustainable growth).
View Programme (2055kb) Registration Form (873kb)

The South African Mining Association (SAMDA) announces the new CEO appointment 16 Aug 10
SAMDA today announced the appointment of Mr Aubrey Lekwane as CEO of SAMDA.


Vision, Mission and Values
SAMDA’s vision is to be the vehicle for the development of a vibrant and sustainable junior mining sector which contributes towards the growth and prosperity of the mining industry.
Its mission is:
to create an enabling environment for:

  • raising finance;
  • developing technical and other skills;
  • practicing responsible environmental management and sustainable development; and
  • the maintenance of standards of good practice in the junior mining sector

to lobby;

  • government;
  • organised labour; and
  • other stakeholders and institutions
  • to promote mutual understanding
  • to encourage local and international investment
  • to conduct research to understand the sectors needs
  • to promote beneficiation
  • to build African and global alliances
  • and to facilitate the transformation of the mining industry by promoting emerging junior mining operations and those who are historically disadvantaged.
The South African Mining Development Association was started in 2000 as the Junior Mining Initiative by a group of like-minded people associated with various South African junior and black economic empowerment (BEE) mining companies.While the founders’ initial impetus was to present a united response to government on the Minerals Bill, the need for a strong, permanent lobby, representative of the interests of junior mining companies on several fronts, soon became apparent.

The need for and support of such a body was confirmed subsequently by research conducted by the Minerals and Energy Policy Centre (MEPC).

An interim working committee was formed, and spent time formalising an identity, vision, mission, constitution, membership structure, funding mechanism and administrative framework for a new organisation the South African Mining Development Association, or SAMDA for short – to represent the interests of junior players in the South African mining sector.

The interim working committee of seven members was chaired by Bridgette Radebe, chairperson of Mmakau Mining. All qualified and experienced professionals in key fields such as mining engineering, the law and finance.

SAMDA has strategic alliances with several organisations representative of thousands of small scale miners globally and other mining interest groups.



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How did Samda come about
The South African Mining Development Association was started in 2000 as the Junior Mining Initiative by a group of like-minded people associated with various South African junior and black economic empowerment (BEE) mining more..
How is Samda Structured?
SAMDA is an association not for gain and is registered as such. The constitution has been written to reflect SAMDA’s commitment to sound corporate more..
How do i join?
Photos from the 1st Power Breakfast Event hosted by SAMDA and Keynote
What are Samda’s aims and objectives
SAMDA’s vision is to be the vehicle for the development of a vibrant and sustainable junior mining sector which contributes towards the growth and prosperity of the mining industry. read more..
What has Samda done to date?
Read more about our progress on the following;

  1. Charter on empowerment of historically disadvantaged South Africans in the mining sector:
  2. On developing capital markets for junior companies:
  3. On export allocations for junior coal producers:
  4. On representation and promotion:

read more..