Vision, Mission and Values
SAMDA’s vision is to be the vehicle for the development of a vibrant and sustainable junior mining sector which contributes towards the growth and prosperity of the mining industry.
Its mission is:
to create an enabling environment for:

  • raising finance;
  • developing technical and other skills;
  • practicing responsible environmental management and sustainable development; and
  • the maintenance of standards of good practice in the junior mining sector

to lobby;

  • government;
  • organised labour; and
  • other stakeholders and institutions
  • to promote mutual understanding
  • to encourage local and international investment
  • to conduct research to understand the sectors needs
  • to promote beneficiation
  • to build African and global alliances
  • and to facilitate the transformation of the mining industry by promoting emerging junior mining operations and those who are historically disadvantaged.
The South African Mining Development Association was started in 2000 as the Junior Mining Initiative by a group of like-minded people associated with various South African junior and black economic empowerment (BEE) mining companies.While the founders’ initial impetus was to present a united response to government on the Minerals Bill, the need for a strong, permanent lobby, representative of the interests of junior mining companies on several fronts, soon became apparent.

The need for and support of such a body was confirmed subsequently by research conducted by the Minerals and Energy Policy Centre (MEPC).

An interim working committee was formed, and spent time formalising an identity, vision, mission, constitution, membership structure, funding mechanism and administrative framework for a new organisation the South African Mining Development Association, or SAMDA for short – to represent the interests of junior players in the South African mining sector.

The interim working committee of seven members was chaired by Bridgette Radebe, chairperson of Mmakau Mining. All qualified and experienced professionals in key fields such as mining engineering, the law and finance.

SAMDA has strategic alliances with several organisations representative of thousands of small scale miners globally and other mining interest groups.